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    Immoral Tales 1974 UNCUT 720p BluRay AC3 x264-WiKi

    Contes immoraux


    {Phụ đề tiếng Việt}

    (Lise Danvers, Fabrice Luchini, Charlotte Alexandra)

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    Thông tin phim. Click HERE:
    Four erotic tales from in various historical eras. The first, 'The Tide', is set in the present day, and concerns a student and his young female cousin stranded on the beach by the tide, secluded from prying eyes. 'Therese Philosophe' is set in the nineteenth century, and concerns a girl being locked in her bedroom, where she contemplates the erotic potential of the objects contained within it. 'Erzsebet Bathory' is a portrait of the sixteenth-century countess who allegedly bathed in the blood of virgins, while 'Lucrezia Borgia' concerns an incestuous fifteenth-century orgy involving Lucrezia, her brother, and her father the Pope.

    FORMAT .......: Matroska

    RUNTiME ......: 2h 5mn
    RELEASE SiZE .: 14.3 GiB
    CODEC ........: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC [email protected]
    BiTRATE ......: 16.0 Mbps
    RESOLUTiON ...: 1192x720
    ASPEC RATiO ..: 1.656
    FRAMERATE ....: 23.976
    CODEC ........: AC3
    BiTRATE ......: 320 Kbps
    CHANNEL(s) ...: 1
    LANGUAGE(s) ..: French .
    SUBTiTLE(s) ..: .


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