[Fshare] Hubert Bommer - Distance and Nearness (2018) [FLAC]

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    01. Isabelle
    02. Nearness
    03. Distance
    04. Feelings Diminish Distances
    05. The Beauty Is with You

    06. From Far Away

    07. Back to the Vicinity
    08. Marimba in the Air
    09. I'm Here for You
    10. Hänschen Is Back
    11. Fairy-Hour
    12. Love Needs Distance
    13. Your Presence Feels Good
    14. The Stars Are Very Close
    15. The Clockwork
    16. I Like You Anyway
    17. Love Is Not Possession
    18. On the Radio
    19. Again the End
    20. It's Getting Quiet Outside

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